Most romantic ad of 2015 has been filmed in Budapest
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Dec 29, 2015

An Indian fashion brand made the most beautiful, mesmerizing, breathtaking ad of all time.

Rare is the advertisement where it’s not clear from the first second, what you need to buy for a happier life. They all want to be concise and short, because the advertising prices are up in the sky. But not the Indian fashion company Monte Carlo. They filmed a short movie in Budapest that made us be struck dumb. I have to admit: even my tears were overflowing and it would not come to my mind until the last five seconds that I’m not watching the world's most beautiful romantic story.

Since this advertisement will show up in Indian cinemas and on the major TV channels, it has a complicated and spiritual theme: it shows the most determinant moment and the reincarnation of two young lovers (who are both played by Hungarian actors) through some big historic moments until they meet again, of course still wearing the comfortable clothes of the fashion brand.

The film was entirely shot in Hungary, in collaboration with Hungarian actors and professionals. The client is one of the biggest Indian clothing companies, and its premium brand: Monte Carlo Fashions Limited. The spot shows the famous places of Budapest, such as the Danube and the Danube bridges, the castle and the city center. The film was produced by Csanád Darvas, directed by the Indian Aniket Shirke, and the cinematographer was the Mátyás Erdély, who won 13 international awards for the Son of Saul so far!

The extra piquancy of this story is that Budapest has just been selected to the top list of the 25 most romantic cities in the world. Perfect choice of the Indian-Hungarian team!

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