The most special Easter egg from Hungary
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 24, 2016

Take a look at the latest work of art made by a Hungarian lady, Kati Zsigóné, Europe’s best egg decorator.

I am always fascinated by the traditional techniques of egg decoration and all the work, skills and creativity invested in these artifacts. Let me call these eggs artifacts because, in my opinion, all of them are worth the appellation. Just like the works of Kati Zsigóné, master of folk arts and crafts, chosen also one of the best egg decorators of the world. This Hungarian lady is an egg decorator, and made a special ostrich egg as a surprise for the upcoming Easter.

It took her three weeks to plan the design of the special Easter egg, and she decorated her work of art for the same duration. The valuable egg is decorated with carvings and floral patterns, and it is made with a rare technique.

This rarity is quite expensive: it is estimated to worth around 600 000 HUF (2000 EUR). Probably, the Easter egg won’t be bought for spoiled kids of a wealthy family, because – as the egg decorator recently said – these artifacts are more likely to be purchased by art collectors and investors.

Did you know?

Kati Zsigóné is a Hungarian egg decorator who has been chosen among the 5 best egg decorators of the world, and in Europe, she can be proud to tell everyone that she is the best in her profession.

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