Hungarian artist depicts Budapest on beautiful pictures
Posted by Budnews · May 4, 2017

You’ve never seen districts of Budapest such way.

We found a really interesting account on Society6. This page is home to hundreds of thousands of independent artists from around the globe, uploading and selling their original works and they also foster an international community of incredibly talented creatives. And there are many Hungarian artists on the website, so it is worth to look around.

Aliz Buzás, for example, who makes Budapest-themed posters (phone cases, pillows, tote bags…) in her newest series. She has been capturing Budapest’s sighs for years, and now made a whole collection about the districts and its landmarks. The colorful posters illustrate 14 of the 23 Budapest districts along with their key landmarks and the pictures also depicts the actual shape of each district. Each artwork shows the most distinctive feature of that neighborhood, so you can see the Royal Palace, Nyugati Railway station, Hotel Gellért or National Museum on the prints.

Can you recognize all beautiful scenes of Budapest?

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