New waffle place opened its doors on the gastro street of the city
Posted by Budnews · Feb 28, 2018

They introduced the unique bubble waffle to Budapest.

Ráday street is the culinary center of Budapest. Dishes of different cultures, fine dining, bars, terraces, pastry shops… almost everything can be found here. Orsi and Geri yet he found the market niche: there were no decent waffle place in the neighborhood. They opened a special waffle bar some weeks ago at the beginning of Ráday Street, and oh, God, it’s good! Let’s meet Waffle & Love!

Entering the confectionary, the first things that hits us are the clean and spacious spaces with arches, white tones, and large windows. But the real star of the place is the bubble waffle which is a novelty in Budapest. It’s made in a special oven, then stuffed, filled and poured with anything you want. Of course, they make the basic, classic waffles, but we can also choose the bubble version, even with fruity dough.

We can choose from several dozens of topping: on chocolate, vanilla and ice-cream (during summer) basics there can be for example, kiwi, strawberries, apricot, raspberries, depending on season, and we can taste almost 1000 (!!!) kind of chocolate from Toblerone to Ferrero. Whipped cream, decorative candy topping and dressing is a must, so you’d better start thinking about the endless options right after entering the shop. Making a decision has never been so hard…

In addition to bubble waffle, another specialty of the place is the salty waffle. They make cheese-lover, serrano ham, Scandinavian salmon and bacon flavors, each comes with ruccola salad. We do not even have to say, but of course you can also ask for coffee, hot chocolate and shakes, so Waffle & love is a perfect place even for a breakfast.

As every order is different, because everyone makes their own selection, they have no fix prices. Everything depends on how far our imagination goes and how many things we ask for, but usually it costs 250-300 forints per component in addition to the base. Depending on the type and condition, the preparation time may vary from 5 to 10 minutes.

Next to the really spectacular serving, they also pay attention to the best quality. They look for the best possible quality of the ingredients and make food that they would eat themselves. Of course, sugar-free version is not a thing in a sugar heaven like this, but if someone asks for lactose- or gluten-free version some days before their visit, they can totally make it.

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