10 terraces, where you can already enjoy spring and sunshine
Posted by Budnews · Mar 23, 2018

These cafés, brunch places and confectionaries are already prepared for the spring.

Spring is finally here, and although winter makes a last attempt, weather is getting warmer and warmer. Restaurants and cafés of Budapest started to put their terraces into operation so if the weather allows, you can have hot tea, coffee, or even a beer outside. We've collected where to find the first terraces in the city.


Törökméz is located on the way to Gül Baba’s Tomb, and they have breakfast (all day long), coffee, bakery and deli all in the same place. They have more serious dishes as well, and the atmosphere is so lovely that we fell in love with it for the first sight. Their terrace didn’t close even in winter, so they're well prepared for bad weather as well.

Kuglóf Bistro

Piarista Street is one of the most popular places in the city and Kuglóf is the most popular breakfast bistro on it. They always start the terrace season as soon as possible, thanks to the fact that the place is a half-covered location.

Sarki Fűszeres Delicacy and Coffee

Pozsonyi Street is another breakfast hub of the city with kind and friendly atmosphere. Sarki Fűszeres is classical delicacy shop, where you can have coffee, prosecco or even cold cuts. Their terrace is a favorite place of many local people as it is always sunny and a great place to watch the city’s life.

Pavillon de Paris

Pavilion de Paris is located in a secret garden in Buda. French dishes, romantic mood, white tablecloths, view of the garden: everything a girl might wish for. There is no better place for a date and we can also count on them for a more elegant lunch menu or dinner.


Fekete (’Black’) is the favorite café place of the Museum Boulevard. It’s not only popular because of its coffees and pastries, but also because of its terrace built in the inner courtyard of the house. Fortunately, they also responded quickly to the early spring, and if the sun is shining we can have our breakfast in the courtyard.

Jamie's Italian Budapest

Jamie Oliver's famous Italian restaurant with its terrace overlooking Matthias Church is also open to all brave people who decided that time of Aperol Spritz and pizza is here - even outdoors. The restaurant is spacious and full of light, the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family, or stop in for a drink at the end of the day. The unique menu is packed with Jamie's Italian classics, artisan pizzas, a range of draft beer and plenty of fantastic local wines.

Bálna Terrace

We are sure, you’ve heard about Bálna Budapest and its bars. Bálna Terrace is one of them and it’s the heart of the summer. They already put some tables on the terrace, so drink a hot coffee or some wine outside, because the sight of Gellert Hill will make the evening unforgettable.

Sütit akarok

There is already a table on the terrace of Buda's most popular confectionary too. Sütit akarok! (’I want a cookie!’) is a real cake heaven where cakes are produced based on their own recipes. We recommend this place for everybody, who seeks uniqueness and for those who always search the small gemstones of the city.

Kiosk Budapest

Kiosk is located near the Pest side of Elizabeth Bridge and it’s an unmissable meeting point of the summer. Whether it be a business lunch or a dinner with friends, you will find what you are looking for. They have inhouse confectioners, bakers and pastry chefs, and yes, a big green park before them.

Akvárium Klub

We’re sure you’ve been at Akvárium, maybe just don’t know about it. This is the not so big building and the park with many stairs at Deák Square. It’s the number one meeting point of the city, with many street food opportunities around. Due to its position, it is quite sunny and spacious, and it has a small artificial pond in the middle.

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