New winebar opened in the city: FILL THE WINEBOX
Posted by Budnews · Nov 20, 2018

We can get aquatinted with unique, barely-known wines here.

There are as many types of winebars as wine: the places where you can learn everything about wine, the elegant places, where you wouldn’t go without your most elegant accessories, and the places that „simply” loves wine and happy about it. Fill in the Winebox belongs to this latter group. Both their community wine market and the recently opened wine bar are lovely and heart-warming.

Their story begins a few years earlier: three wine-loving, entrepreneurial men met in a common workplace, and after a while, the joint parties and the nights-after took a more sophisticated form. First, they made a webshop for unique wine, and they soon wanted to support it with a physical business. They also invented the so-called "community wine market" term, which could mean individual or joint buying. The thing that makes it „community” is that if the guys have opportunity to order on low price, we also have the opportunity to order with others. In this case we talk about whole boxes: we have to look for the "open boxes" menu where we and other wine lovers can pack the items into virtual boxes – and when they are full, it closes. That’s what "Fill the Winebox" means. Of course, the webshop also serves individual customers, in a traditional manner. The wines arrive in about two weeks and it is up to us how we would like to take them. Now we have the opportunity to personally pick them up in the wine bar, which is also a shop.

The new, spacious bar is on Ferenc Square, and at first glance it looks like a classic bistro. The winebar is intriguing, and there are several design elements that refer to the beloved drink. The real specialty of Fill the Winebox is the rare, less well-known or well-known, but hardly available wine selection. The guys have decided that although there are plenty of great wineries and fine wines in Hungary, but it’s not what they want to focus on. Why not jump to foreign items? Thus, the nations were divided among themselves: one of them is responsibilities for Portugal, other for Spain or the New World, and so on.

They sort out wines that they love, like to drink, and they are happy to show them to the guests. On the tasting events they tell as much as a layman beginner will gladly welcome, while the people on advanced level will want to know more about the winery and the item. Certainly, a place not to be missed.

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