This year's best outdoor pubs and bars
Posted by Budnews · May 27, 2019

You can enjoy the summer to the fullest in these places.

Now that summer is here, almost every bar and cafe has put at least two chairs in front of its entrance, but there are places that take the summer more seriously. Here comes our 5 favorite.


If you are spending your time in the city center, you can’t avoid Fröccsterasz. This spot at Erzsébet square is a popular place among city dwellers and tourists, the young and the old, always crowded but friendly. Not the cheapest choice, if you ask us, but the prices are acceptable.


Pontoon is at the Danude shore on the Pest side, so it has much to offer. Here you can also have a beer, listen to some nice live music and chill out after a busy day. You can even kick your shoes off because you will find some nice sand at the shore.

Zsiráf / Giraffe

Zsiráf can be found at one of the most frequented areas in the city, more precisely, it is right next to the Nyugati Railway Station. And beyond good location, they have good drinks – try fröccs or lemonade, you won’t be disappointed –, and of course really good live music, as well.

Bálna Terrace

If you have a few hours before the party starts, or you are planning a date, choose Bálna Terrace. Bálna is also situated on the Danube shore on the Pest side, thus it has a beautiful panorama. It's a really nice place, would be a pity to miss out.

Budai Parkszínpad

Do you like nice places where you can enjoy great music and delicious, freshly made food? Then you will like the spacious Budai Parkszínpad. Try their dishes or just have a beer or a fröccs here. Our tip: you can organize bigger reunions with friends or family because this is an absolutely family-friendly place.

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