Posted by Eszter Hermann · Oct 27, 2014

Csak a jó sör („Only good beer”) in Budapest is considered one of the best beer bars in the world by a beer expert, the owner of ABC Beer in New York. Which proves that Hungary is not only good at winemaking and gives us a good opportunity to collect some other beer pubs worth visiting in the capital. Here are our favourite brews.


Producing the best IPA (Indian Pale Ale) on draught in Budapest, this brewery is a perfect place for hoppy beer lovers. This style of beer is usually more bitter and highlights the complex results that can be achieved through hops and other beer ingredient staples. Another special beer Hopfanatic offers is Angry Beast, a Russian imperial stout (12%).

Address: 11 Hunyadi Square, 1067 Budapest


Élesztő („Yeast”) Craftbeer Garden

Founded in 2013, Élesztőház was the first big craft beer bar; it offers 21 taps of quality Hungarian craft beer. It was opened by the organizers of Főzdefeszt (the first Hungarian craft beer festival), therefore visitors have easy access to the most distinguished brews of the country. The aim of Élesztő has not only been to showcase the best of Hungarian and international craft brewing but to establish a cultural entertainment zone, a sidestreet with its own rules.

Address: 22 Tűzoltó Street, 1094 Budapest

Léhűtő („Loafer”)

This beer bar is located in Gozsdu Court and have a rotating offer of the best-quality beer from Hungary and beyond the borders. The more than 30 types of beer (craft beer, IPA, stout, wheat beer, dubbel) flow from 6 taps and plenty of bottles. You can taste Rizmajer, Ogre Söre („Beer of the Ogre”) or Tuck Barát („Friar Tuck”).

Address: 12-14 Holló Street, 1076 Budapest

Pirítós („Toast”)

This lovely beer pub is located in the heart of the city, awaits visitors with 3 rooms and a wide range of high-quality beer. Besides the logo, paintings of young talents can be seen on the huge walls. Pirítós specializes in the types of beer manufactured by the popular Slovakian brewery, Kaltenecker and – true to its name – in beer snacks, especially toasts.

Address: 52/c Kazinczy Street, 1075 Budapest

Csak a jó sör („Only good beer”)

Apparently, the name does not lie; according to the beer expert from New York, this beer bar is the best of the capital. I feel obligated to quote him: „Budapest’s best beer bar and bottle shop carries the who’s who of Hungarian brews and global favorites. The owner, who himself is a gypsy brewer (the kind who travels around to make beer, not the type who curses your family), supports locals on draft. If you’re feeling homesick, one of the 200 or so bottles will almost definitely hit close to home -- wherever that is.”

Address: 42 Kertész Street, 1073 Budapest

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