Italian dessert specialties with a lot of ice cream
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Aug 11, 2015

We had to wait until the second heat wave of the year to try the best of all dishes, the meaning of culinary: the brioche filled with ice cream.

As you may have already seen in our facebook page: budnews has a new favorite dish. Maybe I should not even say more, it speaks for itself: brioche filled with ice cream. But as I haven’t told where to go for this heavenly food yet, here it is: there is a tiny Italian ice cream parlor in Váci Street called Gelati & Co. It knows exactly what we expect from such a place: super ice cream and all kind of desserts we like in an Italian place.

So the brioche con pistacchio mentioned above is a slice of this one offer: that is a brioche filled with pistachio ice cream, which is an original Sicilian sweet. In another approach: a giga-sized icecream-burger, which gives sunshine to your day. They put two scoops prestigious pistachio ice cream into the home-baked, sleazy, soft, lightly salted brioche, thus, the harmony of the two tastes (the more neutral brioche and the outstanding ice cream enriched with pieces of pistachio) creates a killer combination.

The only difficulty is that you need to eat quickly, because it is easy to melt, and fluid ice cream in soaking brioche is not the best. But just look at this picture: we think worth it. And to introduce other sweets as well: of course you can get ice cream (delicious Italian ice cream) alone, parfait cake and I had already chosen my adventure for the next time: the cannoli, the fresh ricotta-filled sweets. If you’re here in Budapest, absolutely have to visit Gelati!

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