Chess Restaurant
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 12, 2015

Chess Restaurant is the perfect place to go, if you would like to try something delicious from the Italian-French-Hungarian bistro cuisine. Your senses will be amazed, and you will be a fan of the tastes, the odours and the beauty of all the dishes here. Checkmate. 

Imagine a chess board. It is simple, black and white checkered, but you really need to be smart and creative to play well on it with your chessmen. There is a bistro in Budapest, called Chess Restaurant that makes us think to the same things: it displays simplicity, elegance and good atmosphere, and in the kitchen, creativity and intelligence can be found, as well.

This is reflected by the menu, as well. The dishes of the increasingly popular Italian-French bistro cuisine are mixed with traditional Hungarian ones. So you can choose among different treats, from beef goulash and ligurian minestrone through courgette-shrimp risotto, chicken paprikash and butterfish filet to panna cotta and traditional Hungarian cottage cheese dumplings. The last one is particularly delicious, we suggest you to try it once. Or if you prefer other sweet treats, we are sure that you will find the right one (or two) cakes to taste.

Would you like to have a coffee? Choose something from the coffee selection of the place (ask the waiter for advice, if you don’t know what to taste). But if you prefer a glass of good wine, and you would like to enjoy some Hungarian wines, we have good news for you: the wine card is quite extensive, the only difficulty is to choose something from it.

The menu is fitted to the time of the year, with specials every week invented and created by the executive chef of the bistro, Levente Kovacs. He thinks that the youthful and modern bistro cuisine is really his world, because it can renew day by day, it combines the gastronomic ‘lifestyle’ of different places in the world, even on one plate.

“I’m trying to create exciting contrasts. I do a kind of kitchen minimal-design because simple can be great also. It causes difficulties sometimes for me to not to put all my ideas into one dish. I’m trying to use the raw materials as they were given to me by nature itself, changing only as much as I need. And then we get to a point, where simple is not so simple anymore” – he said about his cuisine.

Our tip:

From spring to fall, you can enjoy your meal on Chess terrace, too, listening to live jazz music on the evenings from Thursday to Sunday. You can taste the delicious Mádi cheese, as well. With a glass of wine, it will be unforgettable memory for you.

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