Budapest Top 10 for gastro fanatics
Posted by Budnews · Mar 13, 2017

If you’re in Hungary, we are sure you want to try classic Hungarian cuisine. But it’s highly recommended to take a closer look on the restaurant palette: there are so many good places in the city, it is difficult to list! We tried and collected 10 (not only Hungarian places) that worth visiting.

Bors Gasztrobár: Soup has never been so cool, than in Bors. You will immediately understand when you enter: the offer some really weird stuff: cottage cheese strudel soup with apricot, Baileys soup, pumpkin cream soup with ginger and poppy, TúróRudi soup with Nutella sauce, After eight soup ... but if you got the paper cup with the delicious beverage (food?), it all makes sense.

Costes: Try Hungary's first Michelin-star restaurant. According to the restaurant's philosophy they combine the modern international cuisine with Hungarian gastronomy. The place – that also has a pavement terrace - is characterized by modern elegance. If you want to get acquainted with the true character of the restaurant, should not miss the tasting menus.

Talking about Michelin…Also try Stand25 bistro, which is the new restaurant of Tamás Széll and Szabina Szulló whose names are inseparable from the Michelin stared Onyx restaurant. Tamás and Szabina opened their own place some month ago, and instead of fine dining, they focus on the Hungarian cuisine.

Napos Oldal: ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ – remember the classic Life of Brian song? The name of this cozy place means bright side, and it says much about the place. It’s a restaurant, a confectionary and a bio store all in one, so they have varied things to offer: salads, millet balls (instead of meat balls), baked vegetables or some pieces of delicious raw vegan cakes, sugar free pies or zserbó. Besides, you can choose something from their gluten- and soy free offer – it is really worth it!

Fill Good, the first vegan bakery and pizza place is a really gap filling initiative. Everything here is made from plant ingredients, soy yoghurt comes from organic farming and they use cane sugar as an alternative to white sugar. The pastries contain exactly the same thing as the name suggests: instead of additives, banana rolls are made of real banana, chocolate rolls from cocoa bean and so on. They despise the additives and make bakery revolution.

Jungle restaurant: We clearly love this restaurant because of its externalities: they have unique tropical atmosphere. There is 4 different rooms: the Ocean, Savanna, Jungle and Pirate world with unmistakable decor. Their delicious dishes also have funny fantasy names from ‘Loser Goose’ to ‘Crazy Aboriginal’s we highly recommend to visit this place with your children (or withoutJ).

Gelarto Rosa: Hot weather is coming, so don’t forget about icecream parlors. If you’d like to try something special, try Gelarto Rosa. Their secret is simple but great: they make icecream look like an exact rose! Cold, creamy and really good ice cream served in beautifully arranged rose shape…

Budapest Bakering: Imagine that there are some street food stalls in Budapest that look like mini public transport vehicles. The owner combined the street food trend conquering Western Europe with the well-known vendor carriages of the east pushed by hand. The so-called "Rings" are not bagel although they look like. They are some kind of closed, stuffed sandwiches and are filled with different kind of cheese, chocolate, fruits, meat, veggies and everything you can imagine.

Budapest Makery is the first DIY restaurant of the country. If you happy to spend time in the kitchen, it is definitely the place for you. Guests prepare themselves what will be served: you can choose from a menu as usual, got the recipe on a tablet, the prepared ingredients on wooden plates and go for it! It’s much easier and fun you might think!

Paladar Flat Restaurant and Culinary Workshop. What could be more authentic than visiting a home restaurants? This does not mean that you have to eat the stuffed cabbage from granny’s rusty pot, but in a flat restaurant you not just learn the local hospitality, but also make new acquaintances.

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