Budapest's new Japanese restaurant is an exotic taste trip
Posted by Budnews · Aug 27, 2019

Kicsi Japán is a fully authentic gemstone in the city.

Although there are nine thousand kilometers of distance between Budapest and Tokyo, you can easily immerse in Japanese culture, without having to take a 12-hour flight. We have several Japanese-style restaurants, and the newest one seems to be one of the best.

In the past few years, Corvin negyed in the 8th district become a thrilling hub in terms of gastronomy. Of course, you can find basic pizza and gyros even here, but there are several unique, interesting places, that worth paying attention to. One of these unique places is Kicsi Japán (Small Japan), that is the newest Japanese restaurant of the city. It's a truly authentic place: you can taste Japanese gastronomy interpreted by chef and owner Yoshihito Hirose, in the small but interesting restaurant. Yoshihito previously worked in Sushi Ocean, and his dream was to have a restaurant of his own, to improve the Hungarians' knowledge of Japanese gastronomy and show that there is life beyond the fast food style bento-box.

The restaurant is really one of a kind: there are no tables in the tiny little place, just a desk and bar stools around the wall - in exchange, we can watch the chef work in the open kitchen. The restaurant is small and pretty minimalist, the walls are decorated with Japanese punctuation with names of food and fish, sushi-picking and sushi-eating etiquette, and éven the soy sauce ceramics for the dishes were made by the owner-chef himself, as well as the fish and knife logo. The concept of the restaurant has two important 'but' in the concept: quality ingredients, but friendly price, classic Japanese cuisine, but faster than the traditional planted meals.

The offer is extremely wide, including the main types of sushi, various maki, nigiri, rolls and temaki, sashimi, appetizers, soup and lunchbox. According to Yoshihito, sushi in Japan is more like an evening thing, just as shabu-shabu (Japanese hot tofu pot, vegetables, meat and fish). This is the time when people sit down, eat slowly, talk and share food.

By the way, even the soy sauce is home-made and made with care: the chef only buys the basic sauce, and he seasons it according to his own recipe. The chef not only makes soy sauce and omelets locally, but also the teas: he literally put his heart into the business.

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