English-style pubs in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 28, 2016

Are you looking for a good English style pub in Budapest? Try one (or all) of the following ones, you won’t be disappointed.

John Bull Sport Pub

Enjoy a good beer or wine, steak or burger in one of the most exquisite English pubs in Budapest – John Bull Sport Pub is waiting for guests since 1989. If you are a sport fan, and want to watch for example football matches and the Olympics with English commentary, this spot will be your favourite one!

Address: 5th district, Apáczai Cs. J. Street 17.

More info and table reservation: http://www.johnbullsportpub.hu/

Janis Pub

I’ve known Janis Pub for years because my boyfriend is a musician and he had a couple of gigs here, too. I can only recommend you to visit this friendly little spot, dedicated to Janis Joplin, because you can experience three things here: good beer, friendly staff and nice music – concerts and karaoke. It is absolutely worth staying till dawn!

Address: 5th district, Királyi Pál Street 8.

More info: http://janispub.hu/

Polo Pub

Are you looking for a small English pub with friendly staff and really good food and drinks? Then visit Polo Pub. This is a tiny spot with a short menu of really good Hungarian food, based on the owners’ own recipes.

Address: 1st district, Batthyány Street 4. (near Batthyány Square)

More info: http://polopub.hu/


If you would like to stay in the Buda-side of the city, let me recommend you one more pub to try here: Pointer is on Margit körút (Margit Boulevard) and it is one of the most friendly and cheapest English-style pubs I have ever been. They have daily offers and happy hours, so it is quite inviting to visit them. If you stay in the Pest-side, no problem, you can find a Pointer Pub at Teréz Boulevard, Kecskeméti Street, Madách Square and Váci Street.

Address: 2nd district, Margit Boulevard 56.

More info: http://pointerpub.hu/

London Stone Pub

My personal favourite English-style pub in the city is London Stone Pub, because entering the place feels a bit like arriving to Great Britain. Even the cushions in the armchairs are like the Union Jack! After spending a few moments with acclimatisation, ask for your favourite British beer. ;)

Address: 7th district, Wesselényi Street 13.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/londonstonepub/

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